Common Sense Dictates...

Strength Training Resulting In More Strength You Can USE

Is Top Priority!


By Coach Eddie Lomax


I don’t know about you, but I train to get stronger.


I want to do more, better and against more resistance tomorrow than I can do today.  Don’t you?


Now the strength I’m talking about is real-world strength.  Strength I can USE in my everyday life to perform better, feel better and yes, look better!


Increasing my performance in the gym produces greater strength.  But all strength is not created equal.  Strength training with dumbbells has distinct advantages over other training.


Why?  Well, let’s take a look.


Why Strength Training With Dumbbells Is Better


Strength training with dumbbells allows you to train muscle groups in movements closely related to events you face in sport, work and life.


The movement patterns are more natural!


So, if you progressively increase the resistance by using heavier dumbbells, you effectively become stronger in the movements you train.  These movements are similar to movements you USE every day.  So, you become stronger in movements you NEED to live a better, stronger life.


Compare this to training on machines, where you perform movements alien to the real-world.  While your performance improves in the gym, these improvements don’t translate as well to real-world movements.  They simply don’t produce the greatest amount of usable strength, like strength training with dumbbells does!


But that’s just the beginning...


Strength training with dumbbells improves a wide variety of strength.


There are three types of strength important for real-world strength improvement.


- Maximum Strength

- Explosive Strength

- Strength Endurance 

Prepare for all life’s challenges by improving all three.  In Superior Dumbbell Workout I split the exercises into grinding “slow” lifts, explosive “quick” lifts and dumbbell combo matrixes.  Practicing these exercises give you unmatched all-purpose strength.  

You don’t just develop more muscle, but more muscle that works under a wide variety of circumstances!


But there is more going on than just building useful muscles...


Strength training with dumbbells does more than just increase the size of your muscles.  Strength is a result of the coordination between your brain and your muscles.  Through proper training, your brain gets more efficient at sending signals to muscles, making them stronger. 


That’s right, you can get stronger without increasing the size of the muscle.  But keep this in mind.  The stronger you are, the heavier the load you can use, and the more muscle results!


Two phenomena unique to strength training with dumbbells...


Strength training with dumbbells causes “cross education”.


Your brain applies what it learns with one limb to the opposite limb.  So when you train your right arm, your brain gets smarter at sending signals of strength to the right arm.  But it also applies what it learns to the left arm as well.


Effectively, training your right arm makes your left arm stronger!


While the strength gains are not equal, “cross education” is a great way to get more out of your single limb dumbbell training!


Strength training with dumbbells can reduce the “bilateral deficit”.


In simple terms, bilateral deficit means having one limb (either arm or leg) stronger or more coordinated than the other.  This is common, just think of how you use one hand to write with because it is the stronger, more coordinated hand.


Well, your brain makes up for this inequality by reducing the force when you use both limbs together.  So, when you bench press with a barbell your brain reduces the force you can create to make up for the difference in limb strength.


But, what happens when you use dumbbells?


Your brain allows you to use maximum force.  So, single limb training shows you how big a difference you have between limbs, and helps you even the strength between limbs.


This means, you are stronger performing single limb movements and movements using both limbs at the same time.


Great news, huh?


The Bottom Line on Strength Training With Dumbbells


Strength training with dumbbells for single limb, double limb and alternating limb exercises results in more strength you can USE.  Your strength performance increases both inside the gym, and more importantly, outside the gym!




-Getting more usable strength from your training.

-Improving single limb, double limb AND alternating limb strength.

-And being stronger in real-world events of sport, work and life.


You can, by strength training with dumbbells!


Coach Eddie Lomax teaches you how to get stronger and more explosive while simultaneously burning off fat in his new ebook Superior Dumbbell Workout.  This is recommended for men and women who want real world strength to go along with their rock solid body!