By Coach Eddie Lomax


Barbell exercise has been around for a long time, and with good reason.  Barbells are one of the most productive training tools available.  But not everyone realizes this.  This article shows how the fitness industry is to blame for marginalizing the barbell, the hidden benefits of barbell training and why both men and women should be doing barbell exercise. 


By the end of the article, you’ll be itching to get your hands on a barbell and take advantage of the incredible fitness, fat loss and muscle building benefits!


The Lack Of Barbell Exercise: Who’s To Blame


It used to be you could not even say gym or weight training without barbell exercise coming to mind.  Barbells and dumbbells reigned supreme.  Ah, the clank of weight plates is a welcomed sound for anyone serious about building a strong body.


But now, you can walk into your local gym and there is not a barbell to be found.  Barbells, and to a lesser degree dumbbells, have been replaced by weight machines.  Ironically, these modern gyms need 20 or more shiny machines to do the same thing barbell exercise does.


And there are a couple of reasons barbells have disappeared…


Firstly, gyms stay in business by signing up members.  And to get more members, the gym needs to convince potential customers belonging to the gym is necessary.  They want you to believe all those shiny machines are NECESSARY for you to get fit, lose fat and build muscle.  You can’t do that if everyone knew you can do everything machines do (and better) with a barbell.


Secondly, machines are cleaner looking and have a short learning curve to use.  And while machine training is (in my opinion) a less effective form of exercise, people can’t trip over them or drop them on their heads.  This makes the lawyers happy.  But, do you want your workout program designed by lawyers?


The truth is, barbell exercise is a dying art in modern gyms.  This is a shame because men and women could use the benefits of proper barbell training.


The Hidden Benefits Of Barbell Training


When most people think of barbells, they think of huge men lifting, pushing and pulling barbells loaded with enormous sums of weight.  And for hard-core strength fanatics, to even mention barbell exercise should be done for anything other than strength training will get a weight plate thrown at your head.  But take my word for it, barbell exercise can be used for more than strength training. 


Here are some of the hidden benefits of barbell exercise…


Here are some of the benefits you can expect from proper barbell exercise...


-      There is no better tool for improving absolute, maximum strength.  (OK, I started with the obvious one.)


-      Barbell exercise is excellent for muscle building.  (I know, still obvious.)


-      Barbells are versatile enough to train strength, power, endurance, coordination, speed, accuracy, mental toughness and other physical abilities needed for superior over-all fitness.  (It is an excellent fitness tool.)


-      Barbell exercise uses big muscle groups to move heavy weights great distances resulting in coordinated, full body strength and huge energy expenditure.  (This means barbell training is excellent for fat loss folks!)


-      Barbell exercise incorporates the core muscles during motion leaning to strong stabilizer muscles.  (Can you say six-pack abs?)


-      Barbell exercise translates into more strength and physical ability improvement that can be used in the real world.  (Compare this to splitting your body small body parts and strapping yourself into a limited motion machine.)


Ok, I think you get the idea.  Barbell training should be a part of everyone’s workout program.  And I do mean everyone ladies!


Barbell Exercise Is For Both Men And Women


Most men and women think barbell exercise will make them big and bulky, or look like a bodybuilder.  They think that if they even touch a barbell they will wake up the next day so bulked up they will be unable to tie their shoes.  This just isn’t the case.


Both men and women can and should use barbell exercise in their workout program.  Barbell training does not have to be exclusive, but it should be an important part of your training.  No other piece of equipment can give you the incredible benefits barbell training does.  So, if you haven’t reached your fitness, fat loss and physique building goals, barbell training can help.


Proper barbell exercise makes you stronger, leaner and more athletically muscular than any other form of exercise.  So, if these are your goals, either find a gym that has barbells (good luck), or get a barbell set yourself.  A lot of you probably have barbells gathering dust somewhere, so it’s time to dust them off and get all the benefits of barbell training.


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