If you have to ask this question then your results are already in peril.

As soon as you ask this question you have been caught up in the multi-million dollar barrage of advertising and pseudo science presented in 90 page glossy magazines that are nothing but one giant advertisement. Seriously, there is not one supplement that exists (nor will there ever be) that is so high tech that you need 90 pages to sell a pill or powder. By the way this is actually not an exaggeration as there is a supplement that has an insane 90-page brochure. The brochure for an $80 million dollar Lear jet is probably smaller.

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The bottom line is that supplements despite all their claims are not magic. There is an incredible amount of junk out there that it just defies description. The outrageousness of the claims is beyond belief. Even the better companies can stretch their claims a little. This doesn't invalidate their products as long as they are backed by solid research but whenever looking at supplements it is wise to be very sober and critical in your assessment.

The key is to independently research and educate yourself about supplements. Do your research and learn about what good hard scientific evidence looks like. Companies should provide independent scientific research to back their claims. Beware of the plethora of "in house" research studies, as these are as good as useless for obvious reasons. In general solid science will be published studies in sports, nutrition and medical journals. Tests should ideally be with a significant number of subjects that have some degree of training, since novices will get great initial results simply by training.

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Beware, some of the favorite buzzwords such as ‘drug-like’ effects or any comparisons to anabolic steroids. There is nothing over the counter that even comes close to pharmaceuticals in terms of potency. Don't kid yourself, these mythical products simply don't exist. Also watch out for products that name themselves after anabolic steroids but with slightly different spelling, as these are likely to be the shonkiest products on the market.

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The bottom line is this: there are only a select handful of useful supplements that really do work and enhance performance both in the research lab and out in the real world. As we clearly show you in our Ultimate Body Success Program, you simply need to be educated in order not to get ripped off. You need to know the game and play it on your terms. Until you learn about exactly what types of supplements there are and what they can and can't do, you are prey - simple as that.

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