By Coach Eddie Lomax


In a word, YES!  You can build muscle without weights.


Have you ever seen someone go away to boot camp only to come back months later a changed person?  Not only do they look more confident, they are leaner and more muscular!  This physique transformation occurred mainly because of bodyweight calisthenics exercises.


Have you ever turned on the Olympics and watched a gymnastics competition?  Those muscular bodies come from chiefly bodyweight only exercises. 


So, I think you’ll agree.  You CAN build muscle without weights!


The reason you can build muscle without weights is because your body does not distinguish between different types of resistance.


Let me put it to you in very simple terms...


You build muscle by performing exercise against resistance.


And your body doesn’t care if the resistance comes from weights like dumbbells and barbells, fancy million dollar machines or your own bodyweight.  So, YES, you can build muscle without weights!


As a matter of fact, I believe you should build muscle without weights BEFORE using weighted resistance.  I’ve said it 1000 times.  You should be skillful in moving your own bodyweight around in a wide variety of exercises BEFORE you perform any weighted exercise.  It is not only much safer, but I believe it builds an excellent foundation from which to BUILD ADDED MUSCLE with weighted resistance.


No matter what exercise program you use, you must progress.  You will not build tons of muscle overnight with or without weights.  Your body builds muscle over time WHEN IT NEEDS MORE MUSCLE.


If you lie on the couch all day, you don’t need much muscle.  If you exercise using bodyweight calisthenics you will build muscle without weights.  Why?  Because you need muscle to perform bodyweight calisthenics!


It doesn’t get any simpler than that!


Start To Build Muscle Without Weights Now!


And the best part, you can start immediately.  You own one of the greatest all-purpose gyms in existence.  Your own body!  Start using it to build muscle without weights.


You can perform bodyweight calisthenics anytime.  Morning, noon or night?  You decided when to build muscle without weights.  That’s right, no more “I don’t have the time” excuse!


You can perform bodyweight calisthenics anywhere.  Find some floor space in your bedroom or living room and start.  Homeless?  No problem, outside is the perfect place to perform bodyweight calisthenics.  On vacation?  The hotel room will do!


The point is, if you want to build a leaner, stronger, more muscular body without weights you CAN!  There is nothing holding you back.


Build Muscle Without Weights The Right Way!


When I recommend bodyweight calisthenics exercise, many men and women don’t think they need any guidance.  They think they already know enough to create their own effective workout program.  So they throw some poorly chosen exercises together and call it a workout.


The same people who would seek professional advice when starting a weighted resistance training program (eBooks, books, courses, personal trainers, gym memberships, etc.), think they can get the most out of bodyweight training all on their own. 


And guess what?  No results!  They fail miserably!


Then they go around saying, “You can’t build muscle without weights!”


Don’t make this fatal flaw!


To build muscle without weights you MUST:


- Use the RIGHT exercises, and perform them properly

- Understand that progression is more than just adding repetitions

- Have a comprehensive, step-by-step PLAN for success


So what are you waiting for?  Start today!


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