Chris McCombs is an irvine personal trainer in California. His specialty is fat loss and muscle toning. His website <a href="http://www.socalworkout.com" title="http://www.socalworkout.com" target="_blank">http://www.socalworkout.com</a> contains tons of fitness tips and “how to” style exercise videos.

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Swiss Ball Exercises

When you go to the gym, you might seem them piled in a corner or being used on a flat surface, or you might even have one or two deflated ones in your trunk of closet Swiss balls have exploded in the fitness world

How You Can Enjoy Weight Training

Even for people who understand its importance, weight training can be a challenge for most people Not because they necessarily find it physically difficult, but because they find the whole training process dull

5 Easy Tips To Eat Less

Reducing your caloric intake can be a major challenge for most people They envision it means a life of rice cakes and always suffering with a grumbling belly

Secrets Of Off Road Jogging

How To Stay On Track

Laziness is usually cited as the reason that people can’t stick to a diet and fitness plan While that may be part of the problem, something should be said for the fact that it’s just really hard to stay focused on something when you have so many other personal responsibilities to address


You’ve heard it from your personal trainer, you’ve heard it from your mother, and every summer during a heat wave, you probably heard it repeatedly from various media outlets: you need to drink more water As much fun as it is to debunk myths, this particular maxim is all too true

Bench Press Essentials

In some gyms, the bench press in the peacock plumage of exercises, where people brag about how much they can lift and “What you bench” is as commonly heard as “Come here often

Staying Fit On Vacation

Few things can destroy a fitness plan like a vacation It’s great to get some time to relax, but spending a week or more sitting around while eating junk can reverse weeks of progress

Ultimate Gymless Workout
Gladiator Body Workout
Extreme Dumbbell Fitness