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Ben Kong is the author and co-creator of Ultimate Body Success - The Impossible To fail, Total Lifestyle System For Creating Your Best Body Ever. Click the link now to find out once and for all how to profoundly transform your body beyond belief. <a href="http://www.ultimatebodysuccess.com/freeReport.php" title="http://www.ultimatebodysuccess.com/freeReport.php" target="_blank">http://www.ultimatebodysuccess.com/freeReport.php</a>
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Bodybuilding supplements can be a minefield With so many outrageous claims about sub par products that fail to even remotely deliver as promised or worse yet, companies unconscionably selling an absolutely useless product using the institutionalized fraud that is inherent in most of the muscle media it is no wonder
There is not a day that goes by where I am not asked something in relation to diet and nutrition I always be as helpful as possible about the person’s specific concerns but the reality is that 99
A colleague of mine recently earned his ‘Pro Card’ (A designation to be able to compete in the professional ranks for cash Generally you have to win your weight class at a national championship) in the premier natural bodybuilding federation the WNBF
In all honesty the excuse of not having enough time - the excuse people most often give for not exercising and getting the body they want just doesn’t cut it In this modern society, being busy is really not some martyred excuse one can give
For all its ingenious complexity and amazing potential, the human body is a lazy and stubborn thing It will not do anything unless given a compelling reason to do so
By cleaning up your food you will experience dramatic improvements and even lose body fat ‘effortlessly’ when combined with regular training You simply eat clean - spread your food out as you go about your day and train hard and the body fat just falls off

Blowtorching Body Fat In Record Time

How exactly do you train to blowtorch the fat from your body in record time and build rock-solid strong, powerful muscle in the most effective way possible How do you maximize your results in the gym to get the most bang for your buck so that you don’t waste your time sweating it doing something that your body is just not going to respond to
Continuing on from the previous installment, technique on the ‘big 3’ – squat, bench and dead lift is paramount but of course there is the small matter of how much weight you should be aspiring to lift The truth is that on these major lifts you can and with application will lift much more weight than you ever imagined
If you have to ask this question then your results are already in peril As soon as you ask this question you have been caught up in the multi-million dollar barrage of advertising and pseudo science presented in 90 page glossy magazines that are nothing but one giant advertisement

So You Want A Lean, Muscular Body?

So you want a lean, muscular body that is strong, healthy with tons of energy to power you through your day do you Join a gym, read up on healthy living and start eating ‘pretty healthy’ and before you know it you will look like the guy on the cover on Men’s Health right

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Gladiator Body Workout
Extreme Dumbbell Fitness