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Becoming Fit In All Aspects

This is where you will get access to a fantastic San Diego personal fitness trainer. Coming across such is a rare occurrence and you should know why you want to get yourself a personal trainer.
It's possible that you, in an attempt to lose weight or get into shape, have tried using a variety of different programs, fitness regimes, or diets Perhaps these were recommended to you by friends, advertised on TV, or simply looked good on the department store shelf
It's that time of year again, you know its cold outside, the sun’s nowhere to be seen and rather then get out and exercise, we tend to stay indoors and enjoy a 2nd serving of vanilla slice. But rather than just tell you to get in touch with your inner hamster and jump on a treadmill, below you’ll find a 16 minute workout that will strip all stubborn fat, leaving you with a sexier, beach ready bikini body. You’ll feel firmer, more energized, and high in confidence, ready and waiting for the summer season to come around! Bladen Baird is a results driven certified personal trainerand body transformation coach. Bladen currently operates out of the Sydney area, providing training and nutritional advice. Most recently Bladen trained the winner of the nation wide, 2011 Vision Personal Training weight loss challenge, helping a client lose over 30kg’s within a 9 week period. In the process Bladen won a nomination for New South Wales trainer of the year. Visit www.bladenbaird.com

The psychological benefits of jogging include confidence and character building, and a boost in attitude. Jogging also teaches important

Eliminating Body Flabbiness

Before the summer months, many people adopt various drastic diets to get in shape and eventually fit in their swim suits. Quick weight loss may however result in body flabbiness which is quite difficult to eliminate. The only way to eliminate ...

5 Exercise Tips for Your Success

Here's a few basic exercise tips that fitness newbies should keep in mind. These will not only help you get started but also keep you on the path to fitness success once you're walking.

I was in Florida yesterday, where the sun is hot and the beer is cold. You couldn't ask for a better combination than that, although I have so many things to do that beer can't be on the agenda until very late in the day.

Common mistakes made at the Gym

Working out what is the best training plan and regime for your time spent at the gym can take a while. It can depend on what you want to achieve from your work out sessions, how much time you have and what exercises keep your interest. It is easy to make mistakes in your exercise planning.

Back a few years ago, some cracks started forming in the giant shield wielded against cholesterol, which we were told was our mortal enemy, and had to be stopped at any cost. Just to give you an idea of how big that shield is, let me tell you that anti-cholesterol agents, or statins, bring in around 20+ billion dollars a year. Two examples of those type of drugs are Lipitor, or Crestor. There are many others, and 16 million Americans now take statins.
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