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It's that time of year again, you know its cold outside, the sun’s nowhere to be seen and rather then get out and exercise, we tend to stay indoors and enjoy a 2nd serving of vanilla slice. But rather than just tell you to get in touch with your inner hamster and jump on a treadmill, below you’ll find a 16 minute workout that will strip all stubborn fat, leaving you with a sexier, beach ready bikini body. You’ll feel firmer, more energized, and high in confidence, ready and waiting for the summer season to come around! Bladen Baird is a results driven certified personal trainerand body transformation coach. Bladen currently operates out of the Sydney area, providing training and nutritional advice. Most recently Bladen trained the winner of the nation wide, 2011 Vision Personal Training weight loss challenge, helping a client lose over 30kg’s within a 9 week period. In the process Bladen won a nomination for New South Wales trainer of the year. Visit www.bladenbaird.com
Have you ever had trouble with your shoulder? If you haven’t yet, you more than likely will within your lifetime. Anyone who does any kind of physical activity regularly like running or sports is at high risk for having a rotator cuff injury. The more activity you do, the more risk you have for this problem. You are still at risk even if you never shoot a basketball or workout.....
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I know mine was good. When I take a vacation, I take a vacation from everything. My diet and training routine don’t ever come into my mind. But after the vacation, it is always extremely hard to get back into the rhythm.
Each and everyday I’m asked the question, “How many reps do I need to be doing?” This question can only be answered after you know what your goal is. Different rep ranges will have different outcomes for your body.

Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems with adults. This issue has been dealt with quite a bit in the past 20 years with the advancement of chiropractors, but what can you do to help your back pain without paying the 40-100 dollars a session?....

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