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If you want to get yourself the best San Diego sports fitness trainer Somagenesis has several experienced fitness trainers who will guide you through a series of cutting-edge workouts and help you plan your diet.
Over the weekend, I've been reading some very interesting books and studies about the effect of omega 3 fats on the brain. Now reading academic journals can be tough, but the way this latest information was laid out was very clear and concise.
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I know mine was good. When I take a vacation, I take a vacation from everything. My diet and training routine don’t ever come into my mind. But after the vacation, it is always extremely hard to get back into the rhythm.
Jay I remember first seeing you on stage when we were both competing at the 2003 IronMan Pro Invitational in LA. It was inspiring watching you on stage that night. You went on to take out many more of the most prestigious awards in the body building industry including the Arnold Classic. You have become the new "Arnold" of the body building world. I hope that some of your dreams, discipline and dedication can inspire my readers too so let me ask you a few questions: Gabrielle Reilly: What do you do to keep motivated? Jay Cutler: I stayed motivated by reading books on success, and I was focused because of the work ethic I was raised with on the farm. I give a lot of credit to my brothers and father for that. Gabrielle Reilly: How does your overall training/dieting impact your lifestyle? Read full interview at The Global Townhall.
Injuries sustained while engaged in fitness activities are more common then you might think, but many of the injuries can be avoided if the individual is knowledgeable and is willing to take the time to implement specific precautions. Listed below are the sources of many common fitness related injuries and suggestions on how to avoid them.

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