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Bowflex Treadmill Review

Considering a Bowflex treadmill? Here's a quick review of the Bowflex brand of treadmills to see if a Bowflex is right for you.

Weslo Treadmill Review

Considering a Weslo treadmill? Weslo treadmills are some of the most popular budget treadmills on the market today. But are they a good buy for you? Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Weslo brand.

Turbulence Training Evaluation

See is Turbulence Training is a good workout for you with this evaluation.  There are 6 characteristics I look for in a successful workout program.  Does Turbulence Training measure up?

Turbulence Training Ebook Review

Turbulence Training, the ebook by Craig Ballantyne, claims to be able to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously in both men and women.  This is a tall order for any workout program to fill.  In this Turbulence Training Ebook Review I’ll determine if Craig delivers on this claim.

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