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Bodybuilding supplements:An overview

Here is a quick look at the most popular bodybuilding supplements and what they do. Its a minefield out there!! So make sure you arm yourself with this information before you buy.
DHA is a fatty acid that is essential for many body processes and structures Fatty acids are the building blocks that create lipids, which are important nutrients that make up 25 to 45 percent of total body energy for most of those who are living in industrialized countries
CLA is conjugated linoleic acid, a compound known as a trans fatty acid due to its stereochemistry, and while trans fatty acids are generally regarded as harmful, CLA is not because it is conjugated This means that it has alternate single and double bonds in the backbone carbon chain, and the overall energy of the molecule is therefore reduced
Practically every day, a headline will scream about this or that new diet supplement that produces amazing health benefits These supplements, of course, usually come and go
Bodybuilding supplements can be a minefield With so many outrageous claims about sub par products that fail to even remotely deliver as promised or worse yet, companies unconscionably selling an absolutely useless product using the institutionalized fraud that is inherent in most of the muscle media it is no wonder

Are Energy Drinks Dangerous?

Energy drinks have become increasingly popular, especially with teens and young adults, and more than 500 new energy drinks have launched worldwide last year But experts are questioning whether people are harming their health by drinking them

Cardiovascular Health With Fish Oil

Substantial and recent research undertaken to assess the benefits of fish oil indicates that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can prevent cardiovascular disease It may certainly reduce the risks of it

Take Vitamin B6 For Your Heart’s Sake

First isolated in the 1930s, vitamin B6 is a highly water soluble vitamin of vital importance to human health An adequate dietary supply is essential because the vitamin cannot be manufactured by the body, and is required for the proper action of more than 100 enzymes involved in vital biochemical reactions
If you have to ask this question then your results are already in peril As soon as you ask this question you have been caught up in the multi-million dollar barrage of advertising and pseudo science presented in 90 page glossy magazines that are nothing but one giant advertisement
It is possible to boost health and wellness with vitamin supplements if you keep an eye on your recommended daily allowance (RDA) It is possible to overdose on some vitamins, especially vitamin A if you are pregnant, but generally a once daily vitamin supplement does you a lot of good
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