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Author Guidelines:

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  • Your article does not promote hatred, racism, or bigotry of any kind or contain harmful statements against any party.
  • The articles you submit are free to publish on FitnessArticleHub.com and Publishers are not required to pay you a fee for re-printing your article. This is a free article directory, both to submit articles and re-print articles.
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  • FitnessArticleHub.com does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of articles published on this web site.
  • FitnessArticleHub.com reserves the right to reject any article for any reason.  Only quality articles will be accepted.  There are no guarantees your article will be published on FitnessArticleHub.com, or published articles will be re-printed by other publishers.

Article Guidelines:

  • Your article should be between 300 and 5000 words long.  Ideal length of articles are between 450 and 700 words. 
  • Your title should not contain more than 200 characters.
  • Your article summary should be ONLY one to five sentences long.
  • Your biographical information should only be between 2-6 sentences.
  • The body of your article should not contain more than three links.  Only links adding to the value of the article should be included.
  • Your resource box should not contain more than three links.
  • Your article should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Your article should not read like an ad.  Your article should provide value to the reader on its own.  You may use your resource box (not the body of your article), to promote your business or website.
  • Your article should be complete.  It should not require the reader to click on a link to get to the main content.  No short summaries of articles published elsewhere will be accepted.
  • Avoid too much hype in your resource box.  The purpose of the resource box is not to sell your readers something, but to lead them to your website which does the actual selling.
  • Include your resource box within your article.  Your biographic information will not be appended automatically to your article.
  • Do  not submit the same article more than once.  Plus, do not submit articles with only slight modifications, or small changes. 
  • NO AFFILIATE LINKS.  Articles with affiliate links in either the article body or resource box will be rejected.  However, you can use a top-level domain to redirect, as long as you own the domain. 

        For example: http://your-site.com/ 

        But, you cannot forward to an affiliate link from:



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